Tutorial: how to make a scary room [Mini-Guide]

First you build your room (which you could use mine if you want to.) I’m going to build a medieval background for more spookiness.

then go to devices, and get a camera out. place it in the center and extend it out like mine below.
u might want to extend ur rooms walls like mine

WARNING (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT DOING THIS PART.) then add blood. (if you know how to make blood then don’t read these next instructions.) And by doing that is first, get dirt.( u can pick any kind of dirt.) then go to it’s settings, go to it’s appearance. then click tint, in the tint you want R:204 G:0 and B:0 like this

if you also want you can change the size

after that repeat the blood step until you feel like there’s enough blood.
once yours should look like mine.

now we gotta add cobwebs.
so go back to devices. then search text, go to the text display and go to emoji’s (those of you who know how to get into it, it would be nice to explain it.)
search up web into the emoji search box then click the web. make sure to make it big enough (but not too big) if you want to tilt it to give it a better angle, you can if you want to. (for extra you can even add spiders, you could tilt em, give them a different color, ect.)
the webs should look like mine.

make sure to not forget the candles

now that you have all this going on add decor if you want.
(column, crates, wooden tables ect)

finally press start to test and there you go.


Pretty neat! Maybe add the mini-guide tag?

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oki um how do I do that?

press the pencil next to the title and in “tags” add “mini-guide”

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oki thanks for the way how to get into it

there I added mini guide

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very spooky room :scream:
i’m horrified :sob:


thanks for the feedback lol. fr

Nice mini guide! The only thing I have to say is that blood isnt really appropriate for gimkits age group and terms of service.


oh sorry i’ve seen others do it. so now Blood is optional.

so if anyone sees these messages, then don’t do blood unless you want kicked out.

imma also edit that blood part rq

there I edited the mini-guide

the way I see it if you include blood you have to either call it something else or add a warning

that’s a great idea.

maybe you could call it “ketchup”


Yeah I was about to say that!

Whoops, I slipped on some “ketchup” lol


Nice guide
When Halloween rolls around I’ll definitely use this


ooooh yeah great idea. ketchup seems more appropriate than blood.

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nocie mini guide

i love it!

maybe use what I’ve been using for my scary stuff:

add a black barrier no collision and no border over the thing and set alpha to 25%-75%