Turning Lasers On and Off VIA CHANNELS

I’ve seen quite a few posts regarding the subject of turning lasers on and off; however, all of the tutorials seem to use wires. I don’t want to use wires for parts of my game, because there are so many lasers that wires will be very messy. I have channels set up instead, but either my lasers don’t turn off, take really long to turn on/off, or stay off completely. How do I set up lasers using channels?

Looking at some tutorials, they seem to use a wire repeater, which can’t be connected via channels. That may be why some of your lasers aren’t working properly.

You can have each wire repeater connect to a device, which then sends the channels, right?

What I’m saying is the wire repeater itself can’t use channels to connect to other devices, so you would have to connect it to other devices via wires.

Depends on what you want to do with them.

Or, you can use channels and triggers as an alternative.

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