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I wanna create a cool way to vote that puts people in a line with each person in a box, and then choosing people to vote, with the votes stacking up choosing a specific player to teleport to a kill zone. How could I do that?

well i guess you can teleport all the players to their separate boxes, then use a voting guide such as

Please note that none of these are my guides

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sorry, but i worked with these before and nothing worked

Oh, ok! Can you say exactly what you are trying to do?

well first I want a long row of boxes, I want it to go for a while since there is no way of knowing the number of players joining, and then I want buttons under those boxes that say "Vote “player Name” So when a certain amount of people vote for this player they teleport to a box with lasers turning on and off and the goal is to not get hit. the lasers are in order turning on and then turning off with the other laser following, so the player can have fun dying. then after that, all alive players teleport to the map or the winner’s circle depending if they choose the right person.

Alright so i think once you make that, have an item granter grant any player who goes to that specific area, an item
Ex: Timmy goes into John’s voting booth, he is granted 1 banana.
Then have a checker check which area has the most amount of bananas or something like that… I’m not that smart. I’ll try to see what i can do later

Ill see if i can make it in gimkit and then send photos later or make a guide or I’ll ask someone with better knowledge than me to do so

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I’m just starting to work out the devices in Gimkit so I don’t get how to do this

can you make a guide for me?

Yeah ill try it’ll take me some time tho

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thank you so very much!

send me the guide link when you are done, please.


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Okay so I couldn’t figure this out… could someone with more coding knowledge than me please make a guide for @Penguin101 ‘s question?

Can someone please help?

A lot harder, but unlimited voting

as I said in a previous message, I tried this and could not get it to work as well as wanting my own mini-game version (also in another reply)

i wanted a line of lasers in the shape of a grid to turn on and off one or two at a time trying to kill the voted person

This should help. Also if you can’t get @getrithekd’s guide to work just hop onto the guide and ask for help.

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