Turn someone into a spectator

how do I make it where when someone dies tey turn into a spectaror

Knockout manager, team switcher, wires


now do you know how to make it so when there is one person left the game ends?

Um just a sec let me experiment

Just have a knockout manage wired to a team switcher

Here it says it


Use this guide to make it end

That is what I said!

Use a team switcher/

Knockout manager > broadcast, on broadcast team switcher > spectators team

Thanks for the anwsers Crimson_Knight

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Yes, this is a solution. Try this.

No problem, happy to help/

You could also use wires but i dont like them

Most people are wrong…

If you use a knockout manager and wire it to the team switcher, the knocked out player can get knocked out, BUT the other who was knocking out that player can also get knocked out.

Use a lifecycle and click on it. Make the event “Player Knocked Out”. Wire it to the team switcher, and make the team switching “Spectators”. This will make it so the other player who knocked out the other player won’t respawn.


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