Trying to make an updated device that adds a team with one character

I tried this one;

but it did not work and i need to edit it in a way that makes it work


@Haiasi is there anything I am able to do to fix this?

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At the start, you need a relay that switches all to team 1, and then this one triggers after

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Don’t ping others without reason

I think haiasi is offline right now any way due to time zone differences.

Can you clarify what you’re trying to do? The title isn’t exactly easy to understand what you mean.

i know you trust haiasi but you can ask others too ya know and to stay on topic wdym adds a team with one character? do you mean like among us? where a random person is chosen for the imposter?


i need one character on a team with no one else and the machine i set up from a guide did not work

try going into the settings and messing with the team mode if its in co op that MIGHT be why

Use a randomizer and a team switcher mixed with a live player counter. Or

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so basically just set it to co op i guess

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this the guide I had used before. it didnt work I need an updated one

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