Trust Level Issues

This might be off topic but how do I get my TL up because I have been seeing stuff that’s off topic and I cannot flag it which in my opinion is kinda stupid but anyhoo.
I have been on this forum on a different account that I lost and this account put my time together with both accounts and I’ve been on this forum for at least 1 year!
And so I think that if I showed proof that I’ve had another account I should be able to get my TL up because I know how to appropriately use it and other stuff so if there is anyone that can raise it please contact me so we can figure things out.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you guys!

-GimkitLover1 / G_Fresh_3101

this should help


youll get member at a week and a tl3 at a year

i think you get tl3 when your account is 100 days ol

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no its a year thats why very little people have it

ive been here for 125 days and i am reguar

That’s because a lot of people lost TL3 because they didn’t fit in the requirements, every 100 days it checks if you still fit in the requirements, if not you get demoted to member [1]. Kyro, Mysz, and Im_Pretty_Cool were the first regulars. [2]

  1. you cannot get demoted to basic by the system unless the mods do it manually ↩︎

  2. haiasi told me ↩︎


Actually, I got it in a few months. You have to have 20k posts read, 500 topics read, all in 100 days, you can’t have that many flagged posts, and you can’t have been suspended in the last 6 months. My bad

Just looked at the site and its confirmed. 100 Days
(btw make sure to mark a solution soon)

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Isn’t it technically 50 days?


oh then will lego builder be demoted and if i become a tl3 i can be demoted down to a member again just becuase i needed to take a break

Yeah, but you have to be active 50% of the days in a 100 days so you have to be on 50% of the time or more in the last 100 days and fulfill the other requirements.


People are being toxic to me

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Yeah, like I didn’t just post all the requirements and nobody payed attention. Why am I getting ignored a lot today? Nobody has responded to my save file post after I even changed the title so that people would read it.

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well idk whats happening and if you think so then talk to the mods yourself, though you may get a slap on the wrist if they are not

How so? And if they are , you can probably just flag them for moderator attention.

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I’m starting to get annoyed. Why are people ignoring me?

Two posts on this subject, nobody has even read my other topic that I have been frequently posting on. Please hear me!

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what their is it where u can flag posts and how do u get it

well the right people aren’t online im not a thumbnail person