Trust Level Issues

I don’t know, but they are probably trying to get their point out before they pay attention to you.

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you can’t until tl2 but don’t go flaging willy nilly it can get you suppended

for three hours?! Thats how long I have been waiting for a response.

ok but how do i get it >:D

I’m trying to make a save file, not a thumbnail. Has nobody seen that post?

m13 i would consider your tone and ideas before you get suppended but its by logging on here for a week and then youll be promoted but soon

@Godspawnking theres already been a guide i think and another help post using the magnifine glass type save file in help or guides to find it

I’m sorry for being mad, but when you have been waiting for 3 hours, It gets to you.

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it was a joke :rofl: ENOUGH JOKES BACK ON TOPIC


And I tried the guide and it didn’t work. That’s why there is over 300 posts on it. I’m trying to make a system that works for me.

okay well… i look at it and ping people who may be able to help but i can’t garentee they will help till tommrow


Why u so toxic to meeee

why wont u just make a topic about it cuz ur getting off topic :sunglasses:


please don’t be mean you can also be suspended (talk with me on docs please)

Plssss top just leave me alone

I just want help making maps

ok but pls don’t be off-topic there are many ppl who will yell at you because of that

Ok can we be frens/friends you seem nice

Speaking of which, this whole thing is being a chat

Ohh sorry I just want help AND making friends

bro @T_Sonic54 ikr keep speaking them facts brotha

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