Trouble with Scoring System

For my capture the territories game, everything works great, except for the scores. The banners change colors correctly. Students get and lose “powers” correctly.

I was using gold keys in the students’ inventory for the score. Capturing a territory gave the students a key, and losing it made them lose a key. Students broke it at first by continuing to answer questions after the territory was already captured by their teams, and added more than the 7 keys that there were supposed to be. I tried solving this by using a popup to force the questioner to close, and somehow a class was still able to break the scores (I think because someone with a key disconnected).

The solution is probably properties and counters, but after reading some guides and watching a video, I still can’t figure it out.

I have channels every time a territory is captured or lost. For example “Player captured territory” and “Team lost territory.”

What is the ideal setup? I’ve tried counter for each territory, and that didn’t work. Maybe I can do a single counter with a step in between the territories being lost or captured? I’m not sure what step to put in between.

Try this:
How to make scores in Capture the Flag :green_square: - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative
It helped me so i hope it will help you!

you can’t just slap down a guide, there is a specific problem, @Horses_Are_Awesome

@SpacePirate would it be fine if you could add some pictures so that I can understand better?

I already tried this, and couldn’t get it. I think because this one is capture the flag, and mine is like multiple flags.

Hmmm, ok. Did you try to do a channel so when it is captured it will send a signal out and then you can have a certain and special name for each one?

Ok…sorry. I thought it would help because i had asked the same exact question.

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It sounds like you are experiencing some issues with the scoring system in your capture the territories game. While using gold keys as a score tracker is a good idea, it seems that some students are finding ways to exploit the system and add more keys than there should be.

Using properties and counters is definitely a good solution for keeping track of scores in a game like this. One option you could explore is creating a counter for each team, and then incrementing or decrementing the counter based on whether they capture or lose a territory. You could also create a single counter that keeps track of the total number of territories that each team has captured.

To prevent students from answering questions after a territory has already been captured, you could add a condition to your game that only allows questions to be answered if the territory is still up for grabs. Additionally, you may want to consider adding some validation to your code that ensures that the number of keys in a student’s inventory never exceeds the maximum number of keys that should be available.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions or if there’s anything else I can assist you with.

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Basically the students walk up to a flag, and push a button. There is a zone that gives energy, and the amount of energy is used to check which flag it is. The checker sends to the correct trigger, and the trigger is 1/10 of “Player captured ____.” When it’s captured, players get a colored fish, which is later used for checks to take powers away (double shards or wand upgrade in the screenshot) when the other team captures the territory. When the player captures a territory it relays to the opposite team for the check.

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So, the process seems to be that the students approach a flag and press a button. There is a zone that provides energy, and the amount of energy is used to determine which flag it is. The checker then sends a signal to the correct trigger, which is 1/10 of “Player captured ____.” Once a flag is captured, players receive a colored fish, which is later used to take powers away (double shards or wand upgrade in the screenshot) when the other team captures the territory. The opposite team receives a notification when a player captures a territory for checking purposes. Is there anything else I need to know? (so I can help you)

I’m not sure how to create a counter for each team. I know I can set the scope to team, but can I make one for Team 1 and one for Team 2?

Yes that what originally worked beast (if it doesn’t that means an update patched it)

@SpacePirate if mine worked please mark it a solution! (it doesn’t have to be mine)

The separate counters must have been patched. I think that would have solved my problem. Is there a way to simulate it?

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Im going to figure that out…

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It looks like I need a way to broadcast to the other team.
Relays don’t do that from what I see.
I keep running into the same problem that I had anyway with the gold keys.

I’ll be back in a few hours to mark a solution.

There’s the blocks for my triggers if this helps.

The flags go from red to blue when a team captures the territory. The blue is unavailable on game start, activates when player captures a territory, and deactivates when team loses a territory. Can I somehow base the score on how many blue flags the team can see?

Solved! I just spawn as a player, off map. At the end, I see the score for my “team” based on the text color of the signs. If I have more blue than red, then my “team” won.

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