Troll ideas for a Pokemon map

What about a your pokemon just runs away if you don’t use it enough and appears again 30 seconds later.

I could take that idea but do it with the pokemon storage at the pokemon hospitals.

What about when you drink a potion or use it on a pokemon there is a 1% or 0.1% chance it is ineffective and completely kills you or your pokemon

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How about a pokemon that is a legendary but is revealed to be a zorua/zoroark only after you catch it

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But then after you die it’s revealed to be a joke and you stay where you were.

Or a ditto

Building off of @getrithekd 's idea, A pokemon (on the opposing side) slowly uses his turns to convince Pokemon to go on strike.
It would work for any Pokemon, and in the end all the Pokemon will leave you and you will be forced to use your bare hands to fight.


I don’t usually type that much lol

I would make it so it was a trick.

What do you mean by that

It wouldn’t actually leave you it would disappear with a sign and come back with a troll face.

No I was talking to @AverageMale about their suggestion.

Ohhh… I get it now it make is much more clear, thanks for clarifying

Voltorbs and Electrodes disguised as items you can pick up. I suggest you add easter eggs as well. That could make your game more interesting.



And they can give you status effects when you pick them up



Yeah, like paralysis or confusion. Those would probably work the best.

Gimtorbs and Elecgims.


Annoying pop-ups could work.

Or you could make the player extremely slow.

Popup or Questioner-Softlocking :skull:
Also, another idea, if you disturb or go near spider pokemon you get slowed and poisoned and a 5% chance to get paralysed


I could probably use this right?


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