Troll ideas for a Pokemon map

That’s all I want. Just trolls that fit a pokemon map.

A pokemon that attacks you.

That’s just normal pokemon.

No. It attacks its owner.

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Oh, that’s kinda funny.

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There is a Snorlax that blocks the way to the bathroom indigo platue and after 8 badges it disappears, but if you interact with it, it is a level 100 Snorlax That only knows rest

If you disturb a snorlax while it us sleeping you get knocked back (using a teleporter) and respawn after a short while

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What does rest do?

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Oh so I should make an impossible to kill pokemon as a troll. Good idea @Coral.

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Make a boss that only knows OHKO moves, except they have 100 percent accuracy

OKKO? What does that mean?

How would you do that though?
You can set the sentry fire accuracy to max but it’s not gonna be 100% accurate

One hit KO

Oh one hit ko

I’m going to use turn based combat guides like @Coral’s.

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maybe a Pseudo-Pokemon, like a pokemon, but not. It’s disguised as a pokemon. And its made by Team Gim, a team that uses pokemon for evil.
Just an idea…

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Team Blooket or Team Kahoot would be a better name.

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Or the Aku Forces

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I’m going to go with team kahoot.

No offense to @TaigaBiome but it makes more sense than for gimkit to be evil.