Trigger Activation Funnel

I have a trigger. I need the simplest possible way to make it only trigger once if 2 channels broadcast to it at the same time. I’m making an OR gate. (Please don’t give suggestions for an OR gate.) I have a “checker” that checks if its true, and if it is then it broadcasts on “Success”. I just need to convert 2 success things to 1 if they’re at the same time.

what is an or gate?

If you have 2 true/false values, then the or gate outputs true if one of the 2 values is true.

I think you would need two triggers, each receiving from one of the channels. Sorry, I’m not as good with the Gates as you.

What is a gate? like a up and down gate or code language.

What is “the same time?”

Resolution dictates that there is no ‘same time.’ We don’t have a tick counter yet either, so you can’t measure if they’re in the same tick.

What’s the specific use case for this?

I don’t know. I am a bit confused myself.

What’s an OR gate?

Look at the link I sent.

An or gate. I said so. Its basically the same time. I just need the case that 2 broadcasts are sent to become one broadcast.

What I mean is how are the signals for the or gate being sent out. You could always do a max speed counter trigger clock that checks if they run in the same .015 seconds, but nothing faster.

Try putting it at minimum speed for testing, and gradually increase the value.

Well, you could use AUO and wires, where you have a trigger that wires to two triggers that when triggered, triggers those two triggers which when any of those triggers are activated, the trigger activates a 4th trigger. Then wire the first trigger to the 4th trigger to trigger it (make sure to set the 4th trigger to deactivated on game start) and when the 4th trigger is activated, make it broadcast something and deactivate it.

(You can also make the 1st and 2nd trigger have an activation state beforehand)

Basic Diagram:
Screenshot 2023-11-15 12.08.01 PM

This is my interpretation of it:

I replaced the 3rd trigger with a button and the inputs with buttons (the counters change the activation states)


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Does this use trigger activation states to encode the data, and I asked not to have any or gate suggestions.

It can “funnel” it so either I don’t know what you meant, or you are perhaps asking for something different. (if neither trigger 1 or trigger 2 is on it doesn’t work, if trigger 1 or trigger 2 is on it works, it also accounts for if both triggers are on.)

I don’t understand how it works. Could you explain it to me?

If either one of the two triggers at the top are activated, then it will activate the trigger in the middle and the trigger at the bottom will trigger it. Also make sure when the trigger in the middle is activated it deactivates after it is triggered(I prefer this way since theres a ~120 or more property limit)

Ok. Cool. Why do you need counters though?

Counters are used as “levers” you can refer from my previous lever guide or any of @GabrielisAwake guides, it makes it very easy to test gates.

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