Trail messing with body

So im using the trail tutorial in among us but when a gim dies a body drops because of the trail zone it dissolves the body. how to fix?

dont use the trails maybe?

not the goal…

what are you using as the body


wait how does the trail get rid of the body exactly?
and what trail tutorial is this?

Hey, I know you weren’t trying to be mean and were just trying to be funny, but this could be taken the wrong way. I would suggest changing it so that it isn’t

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So so the trail doesnt go on forever I’m using a zone that dissolves the items. but it dissolves the body as well

No this is a bug that has been a thing since the begining of trails.

what trail tutorial is this

Don’t the trails eventually dissolve on their own?

i guess i wont use trails


i suggested you not use trails
maybe mark that as the solution?

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