Trail in Creative

Sometimes I see springs of trails sprouting from random places in my maps… does this happen to you?

If you have a trail activated it works in GKC

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unless someone is in your world finding your code somewhere

and they have a trail

This is due to lag, it is just a random glitch, end and rehost your game, it will be fixed.

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yeah that happens to me alot.

hey @WolfTechnology!
can you help me with my chat? do you think I should add anything besides finishing the guide?
How to make an in-game chat system (Now with photos!) (WIP)

Yeah, its just lag, nothing more.

Sure, let me look at it.


Ok the guide looks great, but i would take away the “intro” word, and add a longer, more, how do i say this, hooking, grasping, intro. Your guide is easier to make and understand, which is great, so all you need to do is expand your intro, otherwise no.


Yeah this happens to me when maps are really big.

It happens on normal game mode like tag.

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Yeah, or OWO.

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