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I’ve been getting lots of help and am starting to understand my game now, but there is one question I really need to get out before successfully (almost) finishing my game.

Can a game overlay also track how many items you have out of the required amount?
And like on 1 Way Out, how do you make it so that when a player tries to open a door, it tells them how much of something they need and how much left?


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I want it so that it says, 0/7 or 1/7 out of seven when one research is collected. How do you do this?

You could make a limit on the amount of research possible with an IIM, or the better solution:

Have a number property called “Research Required”. Make an IIM track research and update a player-scoped number property called “Research”. Make the “Research” property broadcast on “Update Research Overlay” when it changes. Make the overlay’s blocks receive on “Update Research Overlay”. It should use the create text with block to have the research property and the research required property. You can set the required property to whatever you want, based off of upgrades and whatnot.

You would need block code for this one.

There is a guide on it, if you can’t find it or need help, just ask!

What is the name of the guide?

For doors like one way out use a vending machine that is not visible in game and turn on funding
item purchased > deactivate barrier/hide prop

And if the guide doesn’t work, could you give me pictures of this so I can see what I’m doing?

Also just use search to look for guides

This isn’t helping. Could you add pictures of this so I can see what I’m doing?

You could use block code with the overlay and combine the number of items you have and out of whatever number and then use an inventory manager to limit the amount

Can you take a screenshot of what you have so far?

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