Tracking a random player every minute

Ok, so, in my game, the location of a random player (referred to as “The Bounty”) is shown to the others. That way, (because my map is kinda big) they will always know where someone is, so they can be hunted down! Every minute, The Bounty will switch to a different person. But I can’t really figure out how to get all the Waypoints, Relays, Channels, and blocks to work.
A: There is an extremely simple solution and I’m just being dumb
B: This isn’t possible, however I truly believe it is.
C: There is a solution, and you can help me out!

Please help! :fox_face:

this is gonna be slow cuz i have a broken arm but i know how to help


Wire lifecycle to relay (game start)
event occurs → relay

(make relay audience random player)

Wire relay to wire repeater
Wire wire repeater to the waypoint (make it activate)
Wire wire repeater to 2nd wire repeater (this has a delay of 60 seconds)

Wire the second wire repeater to the waypoint (this time make it deactivate)

Wire the second wire repeater to the relay to repeat everything!

@GimSolver no its actually broken. its not my dominant hand so thats good but i still cant type well


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So you’re going to want to use The All Important Player IDs

  1. Now make a trigger that runs on a channel (the one you want to start the system)

  2. Have it set a global property to a random number.

  3. Now call a channel the runs a relay from that block code that goes to another trigger. (Default settings on the relay)

  4. This trigger will check to see if the player scoped player ID property is equal to the global random number.

  5. If it is then check to see if a property called current bounty (global) is also equal to the players ID

  6. Next if true then they were the previous bounty and you would have to run the whole system again to get a new random number.

  7. If that is false then you would broadcast on a channel to activate the waypoint and then set the current bounty to your player ID.

  8. Next you would have the timer start again after this. The timer would automatically call the new random number.

All properties are number

If you need help with the timer (it should be easy) just ask


Wait you could activate make what i said easier by using a random player relay and just setting the current bounty to the users name and comparing it

Wow, this is a lot. So, I follow the instructions on this link, then follow your instructions? (also, can you make this into a clear “Step 1 Step 2” thing? I don’t do well with a lot of humbo jumbo.

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I can try.

I need it for anyone to be able to play it, not just specified players.

Il it would only be temporary. That is how you would check to see if the user was just selected. (If the last bounties name = the current bounties name).

I made the edit

Also probably wait to mark a solution. This is complex so something could easily go wrong

This should happen automatically, not by a player volunteering to be the bounty by pressing a button (also, who would actually do that?)

You can trigger this with a lifecycle on game start. Simply broadcast on your start channel

Thank you! This will be such a big help. (And sorry @LlamaLady22 if you weren’t able to reply in time…)

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mine’s a little simpilar but its fine (i know i was slow)

@TorontoBulls1 I am a goalie for soccer and a girl kicked the ball so hard it broke my arm


It’s ok. Typing with a bad arm must be tough!

Yeah. Hope you get better!

for @LlamaLady22

Your systems pretty simple, its nice. the only thing it doesn’t do is check to see if it chose the same player twice. I should edit my system tho. The player ID’s are unnecessary cause i forgot about random relays. Also how did u break ur arm.

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This is great! The only problem is that I don’t know what specifically to put in for all the devices.

So, what do I do for my game? Llama’s or Toronto’s? I’m fine with the chance that you could be the bounty more than once.

Go based off of memory efficiency.

I’m currently at 6%, but that could change rapidly once I add in props… I’ll try T’s first, then L’s if it doesn’t work well. (lol. I’m abbreviating their names shorter and shorter.)


If you want efficiency definitely do LlamaLady22 because her’s is simple. Mine could be more simple but if you don’t fully understand it could be hard to optimize. The only downside of theirs is a player could get picked twice in a row