How to make a bounty TRY 2!

So earlier I made this post

And Here’s the solution I got:

I tried following the steps, and it didn’t work!
Here’s a photo:
Screenshot 2024-05-07 5.24.33 PM
I don’t get it! Note that I’ve never played this with multiple players at the same time, just me in different tabs. If you need any questions, I can show you another picture!

Thank you so much @LlamaLady22 for helping me out, but something went wrong.

Um, what’s the wire FROM the waypoint TO the wire repeater?

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Pretty sure that wire is from the wire repeater to the waypoint based on the direction the wire is flipped
Edit: tested it and yes i can confirm

Correct me if I’m wrong, but all animations for wires transmitting start at the same time, right? It seems most wires are nearing the end of the animation, so it would be going from the waypoint. I’m possibly and probably being stup1d. But it seems that the wires are done correctly to LlamaLady’s description…

The wire animations start when placed (or likely when loaded)

The wire always goes clockwise from the start

I’m guessing you have one of the settings wrong for the waypoint. Not sure what though. I’ll do some testing

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gtg. I’ll check back tomorrow!

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I’ve checked the system, theoretically it should work… tomorrow can you describe HOW it is not working?

Figured it out! The waypoints have an option to stop tracking a player and start tracking a player via a channel. This is not an option with wires.

What you need to do is replace the wire repeaters with triggers and have them broadcast on a channel. One channel should start tracking player (the trigger that replaced the wire repeater that activated the waypoint should send this one) and another channel to stop tracking player (the trigger that replaced the wire repeater that deactivated the waypoint should send this one).

The triggers themselves can still be triggered by wires

The waypoint should be active on game start and should be set to track location of player!

Tried to format it so it would be easier to read :sweat_smile:


yep zane7655 should be correct


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