Tower defense game

I’m trying to make a Tower defense game that is emberwall themed. I need help with how to make the tower defense game.

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There’s a problem: Tower defense may well be impossible because sentry interactions got removed.


Tower defense used teleporting sentries around the map. This was percieved as a bug by the devs and was patched.

well then how do you make it so the players get more and more hp as the rounds go on? and what about selling sentries? also once you leave the map. do you just walk all the way back to the beginning?

Could start with 10000 hp, then doing some simple math, slowly increase it over time, as long as speed, if you want.

well yea
then again there is the health regen thing but you would need a lot of players for that to happen
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Boosts, you can use boosts

Or you could find a workaround to sentry movement

Lol too much homework

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Use a repeater and a health granter for regen. Wire it so that every time the repeater runs task, Grant health.

Don’t forget the Relay.


No use a teleporter.

you could code a game overlay to show boss health and use channels to figure out if a tower has been placed in a set spot and when the boss (which would just be multiple sentry that would activate and deactivate along a set path which would be a wall so the sentry wont kill the player) entered a certain distance of the set location tower then it would do damage and if the boss reaches it final point you lose? it may not be a fully fledged TD game but it could work.

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Forgot to mention but you could also use a counter to update a property to make the bosses health and when the counter reaches its target value (0) then maybe it could send a pop-up saying victory.

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