Tower defense game

I’ve been part of the forums for a while.

These used to be sooooooo much easier before sentry interactions were patched.


I know, I just told you to remember to mark a solution.

i can help you but i need code enable to help you

Welcome to the forum! Codes are not allowed here.


Wow, 3 new members on one topic!

Ok, I have decided tower defense is possible, but like almost not possible. You will need :purple_square: level blocks experience, a coordinate system, and either pseudo-health or 59 fake players.

Let me just tell you right now, I have spent the last few days thinking about how to do tower defense and starting on it, and I don’t think its worth it right now. In a month or so I may have a guide over it, or I might fail due to the memory limit.

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Good luck! I hope you figure it out!


You got this

                                            P.S. I suck at devices.
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