Tower Defense Game maps ideas?

I need map ideas, 1 for each difficulty for now
Thumbnail: Need Tower Defense thumbnail(ill give credit!)

lemme see if a can get a basic design down for you, volcano map sound cool?

Yep, i might give the volcano a function

a warehouse a lab? rose fields

@Andreif6 's Suggestion: Warehouse for medium, Rose Fields for easy.
@UnityHavoc 's Suggestion: Volcano for Hard.
Anyone else?

train station also when will the game come out?

probably 6/4 or sometime next month

Train station being what difficulty(i am thinking of nightmare difficulty)

a corn field or a town.

endless difficulty? that seems nice

corn field should be nightmare

hey, t.d. is a good idea, wanna do a co-op?

Cave, medieval town/castle,

maybe an abandoned train station?

I said train station but not abandonded

like how? collaborate?

endless… ill build onto that, for now it’ll just be something that you’ll unlock with keys from each difficulty.

You said co-op, do you wanna collaborate?