Need Tower Defense thumbnail(ill give credit!)

Im making a teaser trailer for the game, i need someone else to make the thumbnail while im making the teaser trailer

We need more details to make a thumbnail. Gims? setting?

yes please give more details.

I got u what website do i use

Ima just use procreate

Gims in a sci-fi military base, Gims: Airheart gim, Dodge gim, Day One gim, Green Evil plants

I would be glad to do a thumbnail for you!
I use adobe firefly for my work
All I need is more detail on what you want to see!

Work I've done

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you dont need to show work youve done…put it on some canva or doc and put link to view or comment in bio…

why did you put this?

Is your bio a stalker reference?
Because it says this
“Why do you care stalker?”

no its saying why do you care where i am thats stalking! as some ppl from gimkit HAVE been stalking me…its wierd…

Oh got it.
I thought you were talking about a game called stalker Buy STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl - Steam

ahem, thumbnail pls
More Details: Gims are defending and holding out from the zombie/plant apocalypse.

Bump Bump Bump Bump
Need help with Thumbnail pls

nvm can’t get it good :frowning: