Tower Defense Brainstorming

Ok. Tower defense used to be a thing with sentries as enemies that get teleported along a path. That can’t happen now (bbsi) because the Gimkit team (bbsi) decided to ‘patch’ sentry-device interactions. bbsi
How would we do a tower defense game then? My first thought was using props that are ‘teleported’ along a path using duplicates, but the problem is that the damage isn’t sustained. This leads to a literal clay-institute problem – how do you store damage?

But I realized, the nice thing about props is that you can have a LOT of them. So if we have, say, 100 props with 1 hp each, then we could theoretically track the damage. However, while this may seem relatively possible (albeit complex) at first, projectiles are actually even more iffy than sentries, and collision seems to be absolutely WONKERS. So, what do you guys think? How do we make a tower defense?

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edit 2: ok, so after a bit of testing, I’ve found that the projectiles shouldn’t have an issue with the collisions. weird. Uh, now we’ve solved the problem of having an actual enemy. We next have to deal with how the sentry fires.

After a bit of discussion, we have ruled out lots of little props. The problem is that sentries cannot interact with props in a way that sends a signal. That means no channels, no wires, nothing. The next avenue is looking for other damageable things in the game, since we need to be able to track hits.


Hmm, what if you could somehow bring psedou health in with a property, you can store psedou health I mean


Yeah, that works with players, but how would you store psuedo-health in a non-player entity? I still lean towards the many props thing, but I’m not sure it would work given how janky projectiles are.

I mean in my guide you could use a prop bit a sentry, that just “moves” The guide

Sorry, I don’t understand. What do you mean?

What if, you have another property for the non player

The problem is that we can’t track damage, really at all. All we can detect are knockouts, unless we want to have an absurdly finnicky timer system that has no guarantee of working.
This means that having a property wouldn’t really do anything, because the property isn’t tracking anything.

OOOH – we could have all the props send on one channel when knocked out, and that channel increments a counter property. Ok, ok. That might work. I’ll check out the projectile bugs and see what happens.

Like you said 1 prop = 1 damage, so you could -1 health from a psedou health property when the prop is destroyed, maybe?

Yep, just realized what you mean. genius!

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May you mark a solution! Glad I could help!

Still testing it lol, not done just yet.


1 property per fake enemy btw but you can reuse enemies

After thinking about it a bit, I have remembered why we can’t do this. SENTRY INTERACTIONS ARE GONE!!! :smiley:

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Why can’t we?

The reason BBSI has been over this whole post is because it stands for bring back sentry interactions, which allowed sentries to interact with devices. Yes, right now they can destroy them, but the fact remains that nothing happens when they are destroyed. The channels that they would send out on do not trigger, because it was a ‘bug’ and has now been ‘patched.’


If property prop health = 0
Broadcast on channel killed enemy
Wouldn’t that work?

No, because sentry-destroyed props do not output any signals. At all. There is no way to track whether the property is destroyed.

Actually, each time the prop is destroyed it can transmit in a channel that triggers a trigger that decrements the property by 1, and a repeater tracks if the property = 0 if so it does blank,
That would work right, if not wires do the trick

No. Once again, the prop will not transmit any signals when it is destroyed by a sentry. Until the team adds sentry interactions back into the game, this cannot help anything. The issue isn’t tracking the destroyed props, it’s simply the game’s code. We gotta find a new way to do this.

Ohhh you want it killed bya sentry , what if the sentries are place holder designs, while lasers do the work?
(Laser interactions?)