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But no one found this feature of the questioner, i thought it would be pretty cool…


However, the questioner, along with a few other devices, have so many settings, that a few cool ones are going to be overlooked. Changing the sound on a questioner may not be a very big thing, but I think that not a lot of people knew about this, making it work as a guide, just a quality of life guide rather than a mechanic guide.


I get it. This guide makes sense. All I’m saying is that this shouldn’t become a fad like forum-tips or beginner-must-read.

But still:

@ClicClac Reply to the edit.

I hate to break it to you, but when I placed down a zone back in May for the first time, I read the first page and nothing else, and I can expect the average middle-high schooler to do the same.


Listen, don’t take this guide down, just don’t make more like it. If you want to share a cool setting, then just post it on a relevant topic.

Look, i may take this guide down. I wanted to make this a cool feature for everyone since almost no one noticed it, but you’re saying this isn’t important. I’m taking it down soon.

No! That’s not what I meant. I may have said it wrong, but this is what I meant:

It’s too late, i already flagged my own post to delete it.

I liked this guide, and this is one of the best settings in a device. I’m glad you shared it.


edit 2: it IS important, I wasn’t talking to you, just saying to other new users to not make a bunch of guides based on individual settings because there are TONS of settings

i never meant it like that (@LxmasHaxTakis )

We were both out of likes.

anyone happy now…?

No. There was a misunderstanding that could’ve been avoided.

No, we never said you should delete it, we were saying it’s better not to make too much of these guides in the future.

Hey, look, i get your concerns about short guides. I wanted to hang out a tip for everyone for a questioner sound tip, but people said it’s not important and i got quite sad about it. I flagged my own post, but josh rejected that, so i had to do it my way.

Again, we never said you should have deleted it. It’s a cool feature after all. But we were saying it’s either better to make a guide have more information or not make too many of them. But if you want to make it stay deleted, then that’s your choice not mine.

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More information…? It’s all the information i had.

As I said in my comment, maybe you could make the guide about types of settings that are overlooked and make it about a lot of devices and not just questioners. We’re not saying we hate this guide.


I want it back!


Absolutely. The other thing I hate are guides that go too in depth. I know everyone wants their guides to be accessible to everyone, but you don’t have to explain every little thing you do. What I’m saying is that I don’t wanna read an 80 page long guide.