Top 3 Devices You should NOT Ignore!

Hello, if you’re new or if you’re not.
So, devices. There’s plenty. So which ones are useful and which ones are not?
Well, in this guide I’m going to show you the top 3 best devices you should NOT ignore and how to USE them!

  1. the Trigger!
    This is the trigger:
    Look’s useless right? I mean you might think so, but this is one of the best devices in my opinion! You can make only certain teams or people be able to trigger it!
    You can make them be able to trigger when stepping on it!
    Okay, you might be wondering ‘What’s so great about triggering it?’ Well, there is so many things you can make it do when you trigger it!

Such as, *dramatic music * the triggers blocks! You can make it do certain things with blocks, such as make it show numbers of things or more!

You can make things like collectables or voting systems! Cool, right? Let’s move on to the second one.

  1. The RELAY!
    This is the relay:

The relay has many different uses, even though there is only 3 options:
You can make it have a certain audience to relay/send a message to! Like if I wanted to send a popup, I could use a relay for a certain player/team.
The relay audience options are:
All players
All other players
All players on my team
Random player
All players on a specific team
random player on a specific team
single player on a specific team

When you use the channels, instead of wires you can also make it relay!

If you need channel help

[A guide on channels for the newcomers! ]

  1. Some of you might disagree, but the counter!

This is the counter:

It has SOOOO many uses!
You can make it increment or decrement by channels.
You might think, ‘but why do we need to do that tho?’

Well, you can make it if the target reaches something it can activate a device or de-active it!
You can make it be able to update a property number:

Which can make it make a popup showing how many things you have (you probably need to do more than this but like-)

You can make a starting value and a target goal for the player to reach!
You can make the counter do so many things!

And that’s all for this guide! Thank’s for reading, and leave a like if you want to! Thanks!


Nice guide! I feel like the counter is an underrated device, I personally like to use it for in-game score broads!


verry interesting thanks person

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Thank you, @EGGacha ! Ikr, I feel like it is underrated ngl so I put it here for all to see-

Noice guide!

Spell check!



Thank you @mapleOil !

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Thanks @The_7th_Dragon ! Lemme change that hold up

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nice guide! I’ll heart it when the system allows me to.

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Alr, thanks, @GimSolver ! :melting_face:

Nice guide!

If you wanted to extend it, you could add other commonly-used devices, like:

The Item Granter
The Barrier/Zone
The Property and the Checker

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Nice guide! This is a very useful resource for beginners to get them to start using more complicated devices!

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The sentry is kind of a memory hog, but it does fill a (semi) niche role of shooting projectiles at the player…


Yeah, I was just doing the top 3.

I’ll add the sentry once I can.

Thank you, @Theaxolotl !

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I don’t think many people ignore these devices.


The trigger is probably my used device.


Thank you very much! I will use!

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The counter is a very under-rated device, but it’s the only way to change a property without blocks!

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