Timer Counting Down

I have a batch of TNT that starts a timer once you enter a zone.
Then, it counts down from 5 minutes.
How do you make the timer so that it’s colon separated (min:sec) and that it broadcasts on a channel when it ends.
Also, how do you make it stop when a property reaches 5?

So do you need help with the countdown, or is that done?

Search before you post please.

  1. this isn’t hard, never mind very-hard
  2. aforementioned tags aren’t used
  3. search before you post:

but make it start when someone enters a zone

@Fulcrum-19 i thought you were bored

I am lol

lol but never mind im going to help you with the game

I think he means a counter going down, with text.
Not overlay and I think the other one is going up.

Yeah, but I couldn’t understand it.
I also need to know if there are special modifications for it going down, and going from text.

(comment deleted by author)
Edit: That is wrong, sorry I didn’t read the part 'bout the colon

You could modify my game clock guide, it counts up and has an AM/PM tag but it shouldn’t be to hard to use.

yeah, I’m doing it with him, and I can’t figure it out.
instead of giving us guides, could someone explain it with words and pictures instead?
that’s the point of the forums, isn’t it?