Timer countdown in corner

how do i make it so theres a coundown in the corner of my screen just like in snowy survival
i know how to make a countdown i just cant put it in the corner

Use a game overlay that tracks a property!

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how do you do that i cant track a property

That’s where blocks can be useful - inside the overlay device, you can create a block that finds the value of a target property and sets the text on the device’s overlay to that value.

Make sure that the property’s type is set to Text so that the block doesn’t run into any issues (this can be done by using a property device) and make a transmission that you can use to update the overlay.


what is it is not really working?

6 months later

is this the longest bump?

please look at the dates before you post

its probably solved by now/the author probably went inactive

oh sorry very sorry, but do you know how I can do it, without this post?

this guide but remove the checker part

thank you for this…\