Tiles: A deeper look | Credit: @Amprex, @Anonymous

Tiles! The thing that covers the entirety of your gimkit creative map!
Oh, I see.
Ok, so what are tiles? As an introduction, tiles are mainly for decoration.
Since they’re for decoration, why not make use out of them?
Let’s begin.

Gym Tiles
These tiles are used in the gym in team tag, but what else? well, they’re useful in simulating the looks of bricks. Just use these in substitute for a wall and they look absolutely magnificent!

Moving space tiles
These tiles are useful. Well, if you want to make your space themed game look a whole notch better, use these! In addition to being decorative, they can also be used in killing players. What? You heard me right.
Lets take a step back into reality.
What happens when you go into space without a oxygen mask? You die.
So you can set lasers in the tiles to perform an instakill.

Similarly to the Gym tiles, these tiles can be used as walls, except these walls have a wooden texture. Use them in building a cozy cabin or something.

Gray water tiles
Imagine drinking a nice cup of . . . GRAY WATER?!
Wait a second.
What happens if you walk in toxic liquids?
You burn or get wounded, of course!
So grey water will not only look polluted, but you can take lasers (yet again) and use them to do minimal damage to players who “accidentally” walk into this lethal liquid. (Recommended damage 10-20)

Yes, you heard me right. Plastic.
Well, what for?
If you are making a game that involves buttons, why not hide the buttons and use these instead? If you place this tile with no surrounding tiles, it looks like a button. Try it out!
If you separate each of the 4 colors, Voila! You have a wider variety of button colors. (When you place down the plastic, make sure it is a wall!)

Grass or Dry Grass
You can use either of these two tiles as a carpet. Put these tiles at the doorway of any building that you are creating in order to make a very comfy mat.

:sparkles: NEW :sparkles: Cracked Oak
Very recently added into Gimkit, this tile is special in is look and adds very well to a haunted mansion floor. It also has a similar texture to the exposed boardwalk. More soon.


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This also gives reccomendations for certain types.