~Thumbnail Request~

guys lets stay on topic



I can try to make it.

But be warn, because I am a egg with no arms, it might be bad!

Technically saying that is off topic, but since M13 made this topic, we have to listen.
Like Jeffo said:
(New Update: February 5th, 2024 - #485 by Jeffo)

This post is closed because of the volume of people posting “stop posting off-topic posts.” I deleted over 30 notes that were some version of “stop posting.”

What would’ve worked better is just ignoring off-topic posts. There were WAY WAY more posts asking people not to post off-topic comments than there were ACTUAL off-topic comments. :man_facepalming:

As always, if your post is just telling someone what to do or not to do on the forum, skip it. The police force is more disruptive than the off-topic posters at this point!

:saluting_face: ty for cooperating

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ok guys back to making thumbnails

here @M13TheCreator

Screenshot 2024-03-17 1.15.27 PM

its not what I expected :confused: @MrEgg @leahciM

added the title

what do you want? Give us details

that is what you wanted right?

Here is my second version

@M13TheCreator I guess I guide make one if you wanted?

can u guys try hand drawing it?

sure try your best and work hard :wink:

I don’t have right at this moment; I’ll see if I can later

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I made another one:

Ummmm where’s the Gimkit related stuff?

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I never knew Gimkit had cars

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uhh oh shoot goodbye

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