~Thumbnail Request~

can Someone make me a cops and robbers thumbnail???

Again with a thumbnail? Your cooking maps… but sure

heyo can you provide more details, no promises im making one but more details are always good

The art tag is only for guides. Please remove it and I will try to make one as soon as I can.

he used art-request though

just say your request in here -Thumbnail Requests- - #28 by Foxy

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umm just make a normal picture of a cop running after a robber (pls try ur best I will make a poll)

The art tag was used before an edit. Look at the edit history.

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Here are mine

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ah apologies in that case

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I searched cop gim and it gave me this do you like it?

Hey isn’t that copright

it was already used in a game

uhh you’ll never catch me police

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guys pls try to make it look like this don’t use irl photos for background

:open_mouth: get him police yells

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thats a great thumbnail but thats somebody elses, i wouldnt snipe photos from google to use

don’t worry I will get him!!!

(trips and breaks egg shell)

I searched cop gim and it gave me this nevermind

Oof thats gotta hurt