~Thumbnail Request~

You could make cars in Gimkit


this is hand drawn, if you hadn’t knew from the very squished and ugly gims.

ehhh idk its just something about it like its mostly text and no details

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Ml3 how is this:

@THEHACKER120 hmm maybe add a bank and zoom it in a bit so there was no extra space

I am in the mood to make one… Can I?

sure after u send me the background thing u made for me :heart:

here it is all you got to do is click on the image, and there’s something down that the bottom that should say download and you can have it :slight_smile:

why does it show the barrier around my name?

Because I put that there… Do you want me to remove it?

yes pls ohh and I will give u credit :wink:

i added a little bit of small minor edits… But I removed the barrier thing around the text :slight_smile: i have to go now but I hope you like the ending results. Peace! :v:

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