Thumbnail Request (then back to retirement)

Hi! I’m just here for a minute to get a thumbnail for my newest game, Quest (coming soon). After this, I’m gonna go back to my blissful retirement. :smile:

Here’s what I want in it:

  • The Golden Gim jumping from a brick onto a grassy island.

  • On that island is a green tube like in Mario.
    Screenshot 2024-06-26 11.32.50 AM

  • A green puddle of acid beneath the island and the brick.

  • On the horizon, a Venus flytrap with its mouth open (if you can make that).
    Screenshot 2024-06-26 11.31.41 AM

Hey, @VoidFluffy, did you make the thumbnail for Ascent of Mount Snowy? It looks like your art style. If so, could you make mine? I’d prefer my thumbnail to be in a style like that one. :mount_fuji:


Welcome back!
I think I can you out, when’s due?

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Huh? Whattya mean? :sweat_smile:

Hello! I can make one as well! I can finish it for sometime tomorrow.


Okay. I’ll check back in on Friday and decide which thumbnail to use. Until then I guess I can browse just for fun. :smile:

Hi, @Unit_72! :wave:

Oh it’s some thing ppl ask now when thumbnailing

when do you need the thumbnail?

Is this that obscure day?
Oh wait…


Oh, okay. :laughing: I guess I don’t understand slang. Lol

Nope, @Unit_72, sorry, but today isn’t the foreshadowed day I said I would come back on.

I need the thumbnail by sometime on Friday. I’ll decide which of the Thumbnails submitted by then to use. :smile:

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I didn’t make the AoMS thumbnail, but I can try to replicate the style.

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Fluffy had a seizure trying to read that and died.


Okay, thanks! I thought it was your art style, but looking back on it, I can see it’s not. LOL :sweat_smile:

BTW, congrats on winning a Gimkit award.

I feel your pain. Reading slang makes me feel old. :smile:


Ehh, third place.
Navy won.
Thanks, though!

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My Grammer :')


I made a jumping golden gim for anyone who wants to use it (transparent background):

For the eyes of Gimkit101 Only

Maybe one day, @Gimkit101. I hope that you would come back soon. Also, what was the name of the game you were making, I forgot… :grin: :expressionless:


Eh, I draw all my Gims.
Thanks anyway.

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@here, it’s come to my attention that if I use any elements directly from Mario in my game, I could get it reported. To prevent this from happening, could you make the following changes to whatever you’ve made:

  • Don’t add a green tube like in Mario.
  • Keep the Golden Gim.
  • Instead of a Venus flytrap in the background, can you add a few small bird outlines?
  • Keep the brick, plz.

Also, the name of the game is Quest, @Unit_72.
Since I now have to remake large chunks of my game to prevent it from getting reported, I might have to wait a while to use the thumbnail, though.


nice artwork of the golden gim can you make a day one pls-v


@Gimkit101, Is it published, or is it not yet?

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No, @Unit_72. I found a few things I have to fix to avoid copyright issues, so I’m gonna wait until I finish it to publish (maybe I’ll get it out next week).

Hey, @VoidFluffy, how’s life in the magic Planet Floof box? :sweat_smile: :magic_wand: