Thumbnail Request: Gimble Hollow Warfare (Closing Tomorow Morning)

I need a thumbnail for my new game called “Gimble Hollow Warfare”
Its a 2 team PVP game where you vote between 2 maps/gamemodes and then defend or attack.
The theme is a mix between a kind of cowboy village, and medival

Background: A forest and a village (both are on fire)

Gims: Sirath, Rocky West, Dodge

Gim Actions: Sirath in the center with sword looking at the burning village and then Rocky West in the background along with dodge fighting each other

And then can the title be in the center with my name underneath?
You can put your name anywhere.

Uh, i could try :slight_smile:

:+1: you guys dont have to ask if you want to try

Edit: Any type of thumbnail will work btw

Bump cause no one is replying

ill try to make one give me time.

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this good?

Yeah thats really good, but im also gonna wait to see if anyone else has one and then i will decide

I want to see if I can get any more thumbnails

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I’ll see if I can cook something up on my laptop in a bit, it might take 1-3 days if I don’t procrastinate a lot.

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Here’s a WIP, anything I should add?

Can you add the title in the middle? It looks good thanks!

K, I’m almost done and will send u the end product, tell me if you want anything adjusted.





Wait do you still need one?

A few more wouldnt hurt, if you want to go ahead

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Gimble Hollow Warfar
I do not know if this is what you what @Sythic

Can you make it in thumbnail format? Also all the details are in the main post, if thats what you mean by “I do not know if this is what you want”

can i add me name to the cover? @Sythic

Anythings fine as long as it semi has what i said in the main post