Thumbnail Request: Gimble Hollow Warfare (Closing Tomorow Morning)

Gimble Hollow Warfare (1)
Here I hope you like it :grinning: @Sythic

Looks good! Thanks!
Ima decide which one to use later after I grind enough gimbucks.

@Sythic I made one more just in case

Nice! Im gonna publish the game soon so I will decide what thumbnail to use.

Yo can you put by sythic in the game So i can play it? @Sythic

i MIGHT give it a try because it sound very interesting
also could you simplify it the request a bit?

do you use canva?

yes I do is that a bad thing

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no not at all its what i use to make my thumbnails to

FTR I always publish my name in the maps dont worry.
Also AllFather_ofDeath basically just a forest and village burning with sirath watching and dodge and rocky west fighting. And then the title

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nice I like canva yes it is good