Thumbnail Request Format

So with the new Art category, there have been TONS of thumbnail requests(every 15 minutes or more) and thumbnailists(yes that’s a made-up word) like me and @VoidFluffy are rushing to do get them done(as addressed in VoidFluffy’s post about Thumbnail Theft). However, 75% of the requests have barely any details which makes it hard for us to make them. So(and fellow thumbnailists can/should chip in), I want to create a format that most requests should have that makes it easy for us thumbnailists to get your request done quickly and efficiently.
My proposed format:

  1. Name of Game
  2. Summary of Game
  3. Setting
  4. What gims you want to be used
  5. What the gims are doing/character actions
  6. Author of Game

As I said earlier, fellow thumbnailists, feel free to make suggestions/corrections to this format, this is just a proposition.


You should change the (name Optional) part to author so it doesn’t cause confusion.
Also add “what the Gims are doing” and the “Setting”

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I fell like this is my fallet after I spamed

Poll for no reason:

Which point is the most important?
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  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
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I mean you’re part of it, but also like five other requests on here were supperr undetailed(even more undetailed then urs) so I just decided I wanted to do something about it

Funne troll thing i have in mind:
When someone asks for a thumbnail without any clear description, we just plop a text of the title on a white background

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whats with you thing

instead of just what gims are doing, put character actions or something in case there is stuff besides gims…

What is so concerning about that?

ummm. this isn’t a bad topic by any means but isn’t it a PSA?

also add hand-drawn/Photoshop so people know if there is a preference

sorry what does PSA mean?


Does this answer your question?


Boutta make everyone’s thumbnails with Graydient and Camo (Sand).
Anyways, cool format, this should be used more.

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Hey, I’m so sorry this is off-topic, but can you make my thumbnail? I know you already did, but I need the title to be The Dark Sound. K?

yeah i gotchu changing it rn

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this should also go in community made guidelines or somthing

technically it’s a PSA…
and it’s not really allowed so it stays in art to bypass the system for now

not trying to go off topic but does any one know how games get in commuityt picks

I need a thumbnail for a game called Try to D I E, I would also like a Chompz contume character to be in it!