Thumbnail Request for WaterClicker

I need a thumbnail for a clicker game called waterclicker. Basically, it’s a game where there is a water image(item image device) and you click to gain water. Can anyone help? I also want there to be gims holding plastic bottles, and if possible, buckets of water.

Hewo is anyone here

I can’t give you a confirmation that I will do this because of my schedule but if I do
are there any specific gims you want?

No. You can use any gim.

What the heck new category?

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Ik, I just saw, only because I was scrolling on this topic, and saw there was a new category. I guess there was a lot of flags so Josh decided to add a new category, meaning he truly endorsed thumbnail requests

Is this good?
I have to go to bed so if you want me to change anything @ me.


i can most definitely do that no prob. !!

Oooh, that looks nice! I like it! I’m going to wait for other people’s thumbnails too @Sythic , but that thumbnail isn’t bad!

Ok :+1:t4:
I havent made a thumbnail in months so its not my best anyway.

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I can make one. I have some experience.


done :3
here you go :crossed_fingers:


You know what…there’s no way you don’t win gimkit awards next year…if you dont its rigged…you have been here a week and are better than the old timers at thumbnails.
i mean you draw thumbnails in 5 minutes that takes 5 days for most forum users
Kat_aronii beware someone is coming for your title as thumbnail master.:face_with_peeking_eye:

Tysm! and I wouldnt say I’m better. @M1dnight is good at making thumbnails.

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your art is amazing too! ill ge tstarted soon, but I have lots of homework and other thumbnails. don’t want t get burnt out like in april

Lol I am popping out 7 thumbnails daily so getting burnt out is a normal feeling to me :sob:

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can i try or are you not needing a thumbnail anymore

Thanks @TheWorldo ! Can you put the title in the top of the screen too tho?(And make the i’s dot a waterdrop)? Thanks!

@Kat_aronii and @VoidFluffy can you guys try to make one too pls

Ok- i’ll make one today.