Thumbnail request for Mario-Kart style game

What the title says. Name of the game is ‘GimKart 8 Deluxe by NoNoWahoo’. If any more info is needed, I’d be happy to give it to you.


Courses are based off of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.
-Mario Kart Stadium
-Baby Park

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Yoshi
  • Bowser

The game might not release for a bit even after I have a thumbnail, as I am still fine-tuning the game a little.

Edit: Thanks for the thumbnails everyone! I’m not sure which one I’ll use yet.

I love Mario Kart! I’ll definitely do this! (I like Wario)

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Is this good, @NoNoWahoo?


That’s amazing. Thank you.

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No problem! There are better artists then me though, so look out for them!

Sorry! I just realized I forgot the wheels, I’m so sorry!

I played your game and it’s great, btw!


I have a pre-made one you could use.
maybe put a font and stuff though:

and at least it’s copyright-safe :slight_smile:
with the gimkit style in-place


Oh man that’s so much better then mine

They’re both pretty cool, so I’ll just default to no change. I honestly didn’t even notice the wheels were missing.

I’ll try to make one:)

Dang kat that’s good :open_mouth:

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Feel free, but know that I’m probably going to keep the one I have right now. I might decide I want to change things up a little, so who knows?

Yeah, both of the ones above are awesome.

Figured I’d give this a shot!


It’s back! Thumbnail requests are finally back!

And with a thumbnail request comes a thumbnail

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Wow! This one is my favorite!

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(mp, Kats is the best)

Omg, these are all amazing. I’ll probably look through them later and pick my favorite.

Imma make it better. It looks kinda bland to me

I added more shading and tire marks

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Both versioms look amazing.