Thumbnail Request for GimSolver

I emailed Gimkit about it three months ago. Sorry, but I’m kinda the amazing one here. No need to thank my heroics.

Good, because I wasn’t planning on doing that anyway (joke)

Okay, sorry. That was kinda rude even if it was meant as a joke. Can the candy be lollipops?

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I said that because I was being sarcastic, since it was kinda obvious clicclac was the one who emailed first said he posted it last year.

Okay, who’s up to recategorize all topics in art-request and guides with art?

I could do that. I will not move resolved topics though.

was probably due to the condition that the thumbnail peeps were causing over it it was getting too extreme jeff was forced to make an art category so peeps would start less drama about it and finally give him a break from the ever so stubborn anti-thumbnail peeps that caused the drama in the first place so yeah im glad he gets a break he seems like a very stressed man from his tone in text so yeah…
(dont ask why i´m still awake ;-; )

Can y’all please stop talking about who brought back thumbnail requests and the Art tag, and instead focus on the topic at hand (the thumbnail request Gimsolver made)? Thanks. (I’m not trying to sound rude or anything, but conversations like these are kinda just clutter and don’t benefit anyone.)


the thumbnail is what matters.
who cares who actually brought it back.
Jeff did.

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I will try to make the thumbnail.

Oh wow A Whole Other Category for Art… YIPPEE

What the heck? i said i would make one then i come back to 33 replies on who made thumbnails come back!

devious little boi :>
Screenshot 2024-05-15 7.39.45 AM

oh, could you make him happy?

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gives up instantly…ill never make a better thumbnail!
back to just making custom gims.

no problem, I will change it right now.

also, making this thumbnail will be hard.
if I know my brother, he has a lot of critiques.

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What website do u use to draw

I don’t use a website, I use a app. IBS Paint X.

he does? i remember him from the old canvas…he didnt seem very critical…
also legobuilder wants you to ask gimsolver if he ever found doge…we miss him🫤

whats the game called

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