Thumbnail Request for Business Tycoon Game

The game is called Business Tycoon, You start with a stand and you turn into a skyscraper. I would like the stash gim and a custom gim (also some random gims) similar to your PFP How to make custom gims for your thumbnail! (4/10 or :yellow_square:)

I’ll make one

Something like this: Business Tycoon

can you grab a screenshot of one of the buildings? ill try making a thumbnail when i have time (probably tomorrow)



ok ill see

Just a stereotypical building:

ok that will work :+1:

I like it, just make it look like the image and remove thee uuuuggggg


I like it! just fill in the building and add some text (like: made by: DDerryberry, Thumbnail by: DriftUknown_YT)

kk i gtg for now

do you use Canva, If you do send me the link so I can work on it

yo @DDerryberry im making my custom gim with using the link and nice guide


and @DDerryberry can you make me one please i just deleted mine on accident and it looked bad please

What do you think about this? This is my first ever thumbnail!

Any changes you would like?

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The Lambo is a bit to realistic… but Its good!!

Ok, I’ll try finding a more cartoony sports car.