Thumbnail request for a survival game

I wanna see what stuff you guys can make! Requirements: A basic Gim sitting next to a campfire at night. that’s literally all. You can do whatever else you want! (also, you can come up with names for it on the thumbnail, because I’m having trouble coming up with names)

on it! also here are some names Gimvival, Gimlife: Survival in the Woods, The Gimwoods: A Survivor’s path. give me more details if u would like more!

thanks! The names are great! I think Gimvival is good! I don’t think any other details are needed, as I want the thumbnail to be mostly led by the artist! (I could draw it myself, but I wanna see what y’all can do : D


I think Nightfall and something along those lines would be nice (because a main mechanic of the game is a day/night cycle), maybe hide some white eyes in the forest behind it, y’know, add some suspense for lore… etc.

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I can make a thumbnail for you! Give me an hour or so.

here’s the thumbnail, let me know what name you want on it or anything else and I will add it.

someone do the fire for me i can’t

Finished mine!
Hope you like it.


I would suggest hand-drawing the Gim if you’re going to hand-draw the background so that it looks cohesive.

Only for BlackJack


Fedora Guy DM’d me on Discord to make another version of it lol and said that the “person who made that thumbnail” (aka you) was a fan : 3

Thanks for the cookie btw.

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my first non deformed (somewhat) hand drawn :upside_down_face:


I totally didn’t read it because it said Only for Blackjack.


I mean it concerns you too so lol

The following message is paid for by Blackjack (they ran out of replies and direct message’d me to say this):
ur welcome for the cookie : D (and also can I come visit you and clicclac at WhoaAmI’s cosmic box? I’ll bring more cookies)

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idk ask whoami

ok this might have gone too far getting back on topic

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