Thumbnail Request for a GimBall game!

Thumbnail Request for my new game!


Description: Play a 4 teams soccer game with your friends with sentries to attack and a bunch of fun!

Please post your art in the forum so that I can upload my thumbnail Thanks!

only thumbnails pls !

hello anyone here!


patience brother.

doing it later :slight_smile:

I need it now!!!
or in another 7 min.

why? if u are releasing ur game in 7 minutes maybe u should have asked a while ago

I did not think about the thumbnail


Have some patience, people can’t just magically make thumbnails in seconds, it sometimes takes them hours to complete one.

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well y’all take your time

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I can make one, just give me 30 minutes.


30 min. starting now


How many characters do you want on each team?

thumbnails take time. Can’t just give em 30 min, many good artist like the ppl i pinged take time, and their work turns out spectacular

when people give you a estimate don’t time them

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for the future, just letting you know, since multiple, people have stated this point, another post is not needed, just to let u know.

Oh yea…mb

5 on each team
pls 4 teams

Alright, are there any characters you want in particular?