Thumbnail request for a castle escape called "Escape Midieval Castle"

I need a thumbnail for my castle escape called “Escape Midieval Castle”

plz explain more
use this

yeah but please describe the thumbnail @Moo

Name of the game is “Escape Medieval Castle”

Summary is you are going through different rooms in the castle earning seeds to plant, with the plants you can escape.

Can you please use 3 gims king gimrick, and two random others

The gims are running

Moo is the Author

Do you want King Gimrick to be chasing the two others?
I might not be able to make the thumbnail because the only gims i can find are still.
We still need the setting though.

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No, King gimrick and the 2 others are all running out,

and the setting is a castle @JohanGim


If you want me to change anything just let me know!

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Thank you, I will put you in my credits, as well as advertise any 1 published Gimkit map made by you!

Don’t jump to conclusions.
Other people CAN make a thumbnail for you.

Why would You be the one to say that, don’t you want me to use yours?

Look here.
Better thumbnails = more attention
more attention = more plays
Don’t you want more plays?

yes, but why would you be the one. don’t you want me to use your thumbnail???

There are other thumbnails that are 10x better than this.

Well, thank you for saying!

How is this? Sorry, I’m really new to making thumbnails…

The only problem?
Not the correct size.
It should be like the YouTube thumbnail size.

Oh, I already got one, and I renamed it to “Flee The Fortress”

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