Thumbnail part 2

High, it’s me again, Kadenracer987, And I have Finished my thumbnail for my upcoming game, i need opinions on how it is and if I should change anything. Thanks for all the people who have helped me.

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You can rate the thumbnail if you want

Thank you who have helped me

art is for guides, so i changed it out for art-request because that’s for thumbnails.

dude its as good as it could be anything else will ruin it!

got it, Thanks for helping me @M13TheCreator

I’m still gonna leave this open to new ideas

Good but not perfect I would recommend couple more gims

I am speechless; this is so good! (If you don’t mind, could you make me a thumbnail, just ping me if you need details)

You need to make the background be more in the style of the Gim or have the Gim be more in the style as the background.

maybe 2 gims fighting

2 of the darker gims in the background? or closer

Sure @Coffee! you need to tell me what you want in good detail or it will be harder to make, I need good detail, I can make anything you want, the only limit is your imagination.

omg, it is awsome I wish I could make that

its simple, I can help you

Ok, I want chompz costume and cocoa as the main gims, the background as a chainlink fence, here is a reference or rough sketch
(The ones with red eyes are the zombie gims, they can be anything you ant)

Any more details? like is it simple what time of day etc. @Coffee even the simplest details

Oh, I never thought of that, it would be sunset, the setting is a rundown survivor cam (you can add anything you want to it, and there is no name rn, so let’s just call it infection) (The gim with the lines by him are meant to be him shouting at the other gim, who is meant to be running for his life)

whats the setting, yeah to get the best results I need details

ohh now I get it @Coffee, you want a zombie apocalypse. ok, I can do that

Yes, I’m not good with details, that why I don’t do my own thumbnails

OK, I will start soon, but not now, I’m busy cause of map making, I have a busy schedule