Thumbnail Needed For My Game

Hey guys I need a thumbnail for my Park Ranger Simulator game here are the details:

Game name: Park Ranger Simulator

Gims: Horizon, summit seeker, daisy,

Gim actions: sitting on a bench and walking

Setting: little park with NO playground just a bench with logs flowers trees that’s it

Hand-drawn or Photoshop: hand-drawn

Thats it if a lot of people make me a thumbnail I’m going to make a poll!
(@I_Like_Props is already making me a thumbnail right now!)

(Oh and It’s NOT a Platformer)

I can help! by when do you want it

so @I_Like_Props said she would finish today sometime so i would say whenever you finish it doesn’t matter that much @HP7divergent46THG12!

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ok good to know! ill start now


I have it! I couldn’t draw the gims so I took a picture of them. Is that ok? Also I thought the daisy playing in a tiny field of flowers would be nice :slight_smile:

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yea thats good @HP7divergent46THG12 !

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ok so when @I_Like_Props is finished ill put it in a poll!
(by the way im currently working on the game!

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hey @I_Like_Props are you done with the thumbnail?

You’ve pinged her like 5 times about it. She’ll respond when she’s done/gets online.


ok my bad.


Almost, I just have a lot to do right now…
Also ty @ClicClac for saying that and not misgendering me heh

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perfect thanks!

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@I_Like_Props when u have the time could you create one for me too?

@I_Like_Props do you have a padlet?

Yep! It’s in my bio.

Sure. I’ll get it to you by mon-tues bc I have state tests

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I was going to make you a mod in mine

i already invited you @I_Like_Props !

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