I need a thumbnail for my Super Smash Bros Map

I have seen ur work and like it!!!

Details I want in the thumbnail (I will credit u in my games description)
riff and cumulus fighting using wand and quantum portal
I want the background as the Zelda BotW tower arena for super smash
I prefer Photoshop but if u cant then do hand drawn
the game is already finished, so I want it asap so I can publish it.

So, I can go up to request, though it might be received in about 4-3 days. As I am going out to see the solar eclipse. The thing is, I need your photos, as I don’t regularly grind in Gimkit, I basically have no skins. I am mainly a gimkit creative creator. I use Canva, and that is a pretty good source of thumbnails. I need you to give me the required photos. Just send it in a reply, thanks!

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Here’s an example for one of my game thumbnails. “NOT PUBLISHED YET!”

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wdym by photos? you can search up ------ gimkit skins and if the website is like gimkit wiki its transparent

summoning some artists…


I have been summoned, so its a me, THE HACKER120:

I’ve used this before but the user didn’t pick this one.


I like it! But some suggestions:
Make the day one gim NOT coming out of the pipe the cumulus gim and make its slingshot a quantum portal
Btw if possible could u make the background the both sheikah tower arena from super smash bros
The second one doesn’t have to be don’t but I’d like it

I’ll try and uh got a pic of a Cumulus Gim?

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Yeah here you go

Thx lemme finish the thumbnail now

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Sry couldn’t do that but:

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Thx so much! If there are multiple, I will create a poll.

Maybe make a ROB in your SSB map. I main R.O.B and Sheik

Np happy to help

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Uhm what do you mean ROB


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I will use @THEHACKER120 ’s but when I get @Water ‘s I will do a poll. If I get more thumbnails before then, I will do a poll with them all.

its not letting me upload it… :frowning:

did you change the last part of the file’s name to .jpeg?

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