Thumbnail help please help

@GIMKIT.CREATIVE Do you like this better?

maybe a diff font and why do the students have guns!!!

this looks better but for the title can you make it black and then pt it straight next to the board that would look awesome

Heehee >:)

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yea but can you change the font too

Just saying the students have weapons >:)

Ok. Do you want the font that’s on the board(The 1+1=2)?

pencils! right >:) @Blizzy

Definitely >:)

that and the title to change font pls

Is this good? What else would you like?

Made the teacher’s “pointer” away more

thats better then can you make the made by blizzy a little bit smaller

Of course! :slight_smile:

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oh wait one more thing pls

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What is it?

for the title can you make the font in this font if you can

thats the name of the font