Thumbnail help please help

if you cant its okay @Blizzy


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OMG thank you soo much can i use it

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Happy to help! Just keep the “Made by Blizzy” And you’re fine!

ill credit you when i publish it and write the caption

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one last thing if you dont mind
instead of 1 + 1=2 can you put free time like this

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Oh Free time? Ok. THat’s good


@GIMKIT.CREATIVE What font is that?

but have the free time in this font again

last thing i promise

I don’t really care how much you want. I just want to finish helping!

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for the text can you make it black
and last but not least can you move it to the right a little bit

Do you want them to be aligned?

yes please @Blizzy

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk (sorry 20 letter thing)

Just do <> to get rid of the limit. Also, no numbers or symbols, just letters

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but can you make the font black too