Thumbnail help please help

i need help with a thumbnails for a school

Hand drawn or Google slides?

google slides pls THE HACKER

This isn’t that good…

ill show you a pic of my game

Can I help?
My work…
Screenshot 2024-03-16 10.07.44 AM


Ummm I don’t think you need to ask to help, he/she is asking for help, so you can just like make a thumbnail

Well I’ll need details for it tho

yeah can u provide details id like to help!! ut may take a bit tho because i already have 2 to do

this is class one


whole map

i know its small but i really like it and plus im still addding on to it

@GIMKIT.CREATIVE I can try to make one

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thanks @Blizzy that would be great

TIP: the thumbnail u have for your snowy kingdom game. the orange text kinda ruins it if u added like a icy text like the freeze tag and republish it guarantee it will go on trending

@GIMKIT.CREATIVE I can edit this if you want. Just tell me what to add

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that one i didnt make it @THEHACKER120 made it for me

hmm @Blizzy maybe more like a Gimkit like background

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…That’s not my style…

i agree @M13TheCreator

Oh fine…

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