Thumbnail help for LoneWolf

This is a help post for @LoneWolf’s thumbnail…We are going to use this post to create a good thumbnail…feel free to offer any help.

@LoneWolf please be more specific on thumbnail layout

Things would be helpful for me to know

Anything you definitely feel or has to be in it.
What type of aliens (plant sentry or any alien image)
What type of sentries should be added
What type of background
A description of the game

(this is for legobuilder to help lonewolf)
Btw lonewolf is not online currently
But should be on later.


Please do not flood with comments like this is off topic, etc.
That is what gets posts toxic and flagged…this is a helpful gimkit related post no reason to get in a argument when its just a thumbnail help.
The mods have already said stuff like this and everyone reads it says ohh…then totally ignores it…


I’m not great at thumbnails, but @Foxy could try is she’s up to it.


im trying to help…

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Oh its on the bunker map! Let me give that a go…

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ok, I will do my best to add everything you want in the thumbnail

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we moved thumbnail requests here

well we need to chat about it so i know how to make the request in that guide…and it says no chatting in the guide…

It means off-topic chatting
but replying got closed so this is fine


I would message jeff on that.

yeah it keeps resetting to opening in 4 hours after I count down till it opens :frowning_face:
I just don’t want to annoy him

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@Foxy can you cancel my request.

i think it does that until a mod opens it…it happened to gimkit 101 as well.
it might be a bug or it might be on purpose…i can contact him for you if you want me to.

hi i’m back @Legobuilder

GGGAAASSSPPPP Thumbnail tips and requests is open!

so can you provide me a more descriptive list of what i need to create for you?

anyways back on topic the thumbnail is for my halo map (if u dont know what halo is i will explain more)
This is what im using currently but its pretty boring

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ilk work on it…any other gims you want added?

can you give e the green gim but just it as an image?

no not really, and yes Im looking for it right now