Thumbnail help for bedwars

I need help with making a thumbnail, if you do end up making it I will credit you if u want, its for my bedwars game.

do you have canva . :slight_smile:

I can do it!
all I need for you to do is give me more information

Some of my work:


oh wow, the game is just basically bedwars, not sure what else to say

what happens in your bedwars?

Guys remember, you can put your thumbnails and thumbnail requests in here:

I could make one for you

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according to the internet, " its a team based game where players defend their beds while trying to destroy opponents’ beds to prevent respawning"

no i am asking what happens in your game that could be included in a thumbnail

its just teams, trying to destroy the opposing team’s bed, same time, they are protecting their own bed

For some reason whenever some asks for a thumbnail it always turns into a never-ending poll…


I’ll have to make one a little later today, maybe in like 2 hours

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okay do you want it handdrawn?

Except for all my thumbnail requests…

if it looks better like that yes, I’m not a expert abt thumbnails

okay I’ll make both for you

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i cant wait to see the finished product!!!

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dont wanna disturb u, im not patient, how is it going now?

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Sorry I thought I had time but I’m kinda busy rn

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how is the thumbnail going on?