Thumbnail for space game

I have a game that needs a good thumbnail does anybody have a good idea

Ok, here is your thumbnail:

If you want me to change anything just let me know!
(The Background is Black for space theme)
Edit: This is a troll.

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not to be rude, but it seems a bit…bland

hey kat.


I agree too.
It’s low-effort. and it doesn’t have any gims,
nor I can tell that it’s related to space.

this is the most basic thing I’ve someone has done for a thumbnail on the forums

( no hate, or shade was meant to be casted to anyone whatsoever,
this is only an opinion, and you shouldn’t take this personally)


dang, we have an art critic in here. lol.

but your right :wink:

my passion for art is kicking in




I can foresee cancellation!!

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my life rn, lol.

ill miss you kat. I’m turning in my CB soon

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I’m pretty sure that its just a joke but ok. I’m not the one to judge.

hey E. i doubt its a joke

This Thumbnail is totally the best thumbnail every created XD

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can I try to make one?

These are my thumbnails

the guy in the space suit is trying to fix something the blue guy just want’s to see what happens when you go out without a space suit…

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Mind if I give you critiques?

Cool thumbnail!

I know I was a little vague so here is the description you wake up on an alien world with no memory of before you must escape the aliens

and here was the thumbnail

Ok ok, my art was a troll.
There was little specification.
Edit: Title of the Game?

okay it is called mysteries of the ancients unless someone could help come up with a better one and that is optional