Thumbnail for awesome PvP game

My game is very similar to The Pit- Free For All, made by geerzy in Fortnite, the theme is green and purple floors (instead of yellow and blue that is copying geerzy) with boardwalk walls to resemble builds. For Gims, get creative and make battle related ones like you would see in Fortnite. I will choose the best thumbnail if there are multiple. The winner will be featured in the credits of the game as thumbnail artist. Thank you for your help! @Random_dude123 is working on one but whoever can post one on here take as much time as you need to make the thumbnail.

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The art tag is only for guides. Please remove it and I will try to make a thumbnail.

Removed it sry I’m a little new


So I made one myself and it is the first thumbnail I have ever made. How is it? (Again it might not be great but it’s my first one.

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Hey man, I got a question.

You made 3 help topics in total now, on the same topic. Thumbnail help for your same game. Why didn’t you stay on your old topics? Just wondering.

Hi, I guess the last two haven’t brought enough attention, it’s prolly just something I did but I don’t really care if I have 3 topics for the same thing

definitely needs some work
mainly with the fonts and color contrast
i can make you a great thumbnail if you want

some of my previous work


yeah @Kraveez how many times have you asked for this game thumbnail
people are making them for you are you just throwing them aside wanting more
(kind of weird??)

Do you need me to add “Inspired by geerzy”?

You are the only person that has done a thumbnail…

Idc really whatever you think

I’ve done your thumbnail!
Tell me anything I would need to improve.

Final result

Rate 1-10

  • 10 :sparkles:
  • 9 :ok_hand:
  • 8🤙
  • 7 :laughing:
  • 6😃
  • 5😀
  • 4😒
  • 3🙅‍♀️
  • 2👎
  • 1🐀
  • definition of BAD :nauseated_face:

Ayyyy I like it I’ll give it an 8

I finished your thumbnail!

I added fire for an extra spark! :slight_smile:

Awesome! :heart: I rlly like it. Tmrw ima do a poll I think

Can I try out ur game?

Ofc! it’s out now with a thumbnail I made (it’s not very good and ima change it after I get a good one)

Ok :slight_smile: I’ll tell you if I like it or not!